Below is a list of carton boxs and packing materials we can supply to you. Remember to take note and advise our sales team what materials you will require at the time of your booking.

Packaging Boxes/ Paper Boxes/ Shipping Boxes/ Storage Boxes/ Electronics Packaging/ Packaging Machinery/ All Confectioneries/ Pizza Boxes/ Corrugated Board

Packing Materials
Bubble Wrap – Used for fragile items such as china and glassware, stereos, etc.
Newsprint paper – Used for wrapping china and glassware, cutlery, ornaments etc.
Corrugated paper – Used packing furniture items.
Tape – Used for sealing carton boxs.

Specialised wooden crates or cases can be built to order for fragile items.

Your Guide to packing
Keep the heavier items at the bottom of the carton and lighter more fragile items at the top of the carton. Make sure all fragile items are well padded and do not overload the weight as this will cause damage to your belongings and the carton.

more info? contact 010-3147054 ENCIK HAMDAN

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